Bringing Luxury Resorts and Healthy Living to the Great Outdoors


Enjoy the comforts of modern upscale cabins and glamorous tents (glamping), each set in an intimate space where guests can escape, unwind, and reconnect.

Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs that have developed hospitality sites and hotels worldwide. We are developing the fast-growing outdoor-hospitality and “glamping”  sector to build a network of outdoor resorts. Basil&Barns resorts will be implemented on carefully-selected properties in driving distance for city dwellers.

Basil&Barns is a place to connect... each other, to the land, to the outdoors, to the community..

Each resort will have the charms of local appeal,  and will adhere to our corporate branding themes in organic farming, farm-to-table cooking and a close connection with its community. Each resort will include; a communal barn, a minimum of 30 accommodations per site and year-round seasonally-appointed events and activities.

With a unique combination of a rustic relaxed getaway coupled with sustainably designed cabins, Basil&Barns offers a resort-like hotel experience with an active farming initiative.


On each property, you'll find a restored Barn where you can gather and immerse in activities centered around a peaceful lake, an active farm and hiking trails meandering along a stream and orchard. There's no shortage of things to do...or not do. Simply connecting with your friends and family over a bottle of wine while you cook the fresh produce picked that day can be enough.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From the construction of each of the farmhouse and cabins, to the conscious design of our setting, to the farming practices of our organic farm. Sustainability is also how we approach our relationships with the communities and surrounding businesses.